Wednesday, April 4, 2012

61 Ford F100

Got such an amazing deal on this truck we couldn't say no. Sadly we arent keeping it. I'm gonna blast the fuck out of it and get as much body/metal work done as I can before the round up. Needs a new starter and the drivers side cylinder leaks. Not big shit until you throw body and maybe cheap paint into the mix. May just rattle bomb this bitch so its one color. Need to scrape all the shitty stickers off of it and the over spray thats one everything that shouldnt be black. the chrome has all be painted so im gonna clean that up as well. Maybe throw some mexican blanket seat covers in it for good measure. Thing is super solid metal wise and has a strong running 272 y block in it, leaks but just needs some new seals. gonna make this thing looks a shit ton better hopefully.

Round up crunch time! Still gotta get the brakes strong on the corvair as well so my wife doesnt kill herself in it.

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